The restaurant and catering extend its decline against the rise in hotels

For sale industry and automatic distribution is of great importance to identify the successes and mistakes of parallel market activity and that somehow relate directly to form much of the basis of its current and future customers .

The evolution of each other , reflecting the health of the consumer in our country, is one more indicator to be considered by manufacturers and operators to target their projects and so today we take a look at the latest report by DBK , a subsidiary of the Group Cesce on the ” Market Hospitality and Communities .”

They are very global data but they demonstrate the turn taken by the Spanish production sector after the crisis. The restaurant market , totally dependent on the economy of families , continues to lose muscle, mimicking evolution as residential sectors Elder and catering, according to the study .

In numbers the picture is as follows : “In the period 2012-2013 the number of visits and spending at restaurants fell , as revenue fell 6.5% , to 19,050 million euros .” And this figure could be more devastating if not for the best performances recorded by fast food establishments which surged to offset the decline in demand for table service restaurants .

Although it is closely related to the tourism industry, the recovery of this has not been noticed in the catering industry which shows its dependence on the domestic market. The growth of foreign tourists allowed to aggregate for accommodations turnover reached 11,600 million euros in 2013 , up 1 % on the previous year , offsetting sluggish domestic tourism.

While some lose others gain . This is the case of private hospitals , good space for vending machines , its not beneficial version grew 0.7 % in 2013 , to 6.165 million euros , based on demand linked to agreements with insurers , under reports collected by DBK . However , declining occupancy levels , halting the agreement by the autonomous communities and the significant pressure on prices explain the trend of decline in aggregate billing management companies residences for the elderly , which in 2013 it stood at 2 % to 2,380 million euros.

Also catering market was affected by the cost containment policy applied by companies and public authorities , which led to a near 4% drop in 2013 . Between competition and ally, this is a fact to keep in mind, especially for the operating companies that are dedicated to providing a service that can automatically dining find a new gateway to government agencies.

The number of restaurants open in January 2013 was about 72,300 , down 1% on the previous year, while the number of drinking establishments fell by 1.4 % to 194,500 . After rising during the previous ten years , the total number of hotel establishments also recorded a decrease of 1.4 %.

In early 2013 789 hospitals were recorded , including public and private , one less than in 2012, while the number of beds was reduced by about 500 units to the environment of 162,000 . The sector residences for the elderly is the only one of those analyzed in a supply growth was observed , approaching the 364,000 seats .

The report also shares the forecast for this year , a development that would walk in the same line as what was experienced last year. Grow revenues for hotels and hospitals , about 2.6 % to about 1.9 % , while restaurants would fall back around 2.2% in economic volume, nursing homes 2.3 catering % and 1.1%.

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